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22 sep 2015

Een appquest over Dublin, een goede oefening om leesvaardigheid te oefenen. Leerlingen moet gaan skimmen/scannen en intensief lezen.


Webquest Down with Dublin We’ve all been to places, seen things, lived life and made memories. This web quest is going to help you discover new things, make new memories, give you ideas  and , hopefully, make you love English some more. As you might remember we talked about Ireland and what happened in Ireland back in the days. You are going on a trip down memory lane by answering the following questions about Ireland. Tasks:

This is a clip about the film Angela’s Ashes, as you can see it was very rough those days. It also shows a very important part of history . You are going to find out something more about the history in Ireland and specifically of Dublin. Use the following website to answer the questions : http://www.visitdublin.com/  or download the app. Please answer the questions in Dutch Reading Task 1: I really like the sea and love to see boats. If I can get to a higher point I can see everything around me. What historical site should I visit?When did they build this historical site?What did they change in 1786? Task 2: You are all in school, but do you like the way the school looks from the outside? If you go to Dublin schools/universities look totally different. Could you tell me what the name of the oldest university in Ireland is?When was it founded and by whom?Could you add a picture of the university to your report? Task 3: In what castle in Dublin can I take cooking classes?Who wrote the book “the picture of Dorian Gray” ? And where can I find his house? Listening   Task 1: Press Explore more then press the audio button on your app. You’ll find several audio files. Listen to the audio file of James Fox Cigar&Whiskey store. What did the firm boast(opscheppen)  about?Listen to the audio file of the Temple Bar, how did Temple bar get its name?Listen to the audio file of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral didn’t always have the name Cathedral, when was it given this name? Task 2 Go to the audio guides button on your app. Download Walk 1: Viking and Medieval Dublin. Now answer the following questions. How much time does it take you to complete this walk?And are visits to different sites included in this time?Name the first 4 stops you make?What way do you turn when you made it to City Hall?How do you get from the Temple Bar Area to the riverside of Parliament street?What is Dublin’s most loved building? And when was it built?What is so special about Essex Gate, what area do you enter?What was West-Essex street original name, and/or explain who it was named after.What kind of skeleton can you find when you come to stop 5?How fast did the Viking ships go?Who created high street and Fish Shamble Street? Planning a trip   Plan trips for the following persons/situations:   Situation 1: Manouck and Jane went to Ireland with a very tight budget. They are students who live in Rotterdam and work in a department store for a couple of hours. Could you help them think of a Budget trip to Dublin? Think of things they can do, think of places they can eat and places they can shop. Think of at least 3 options per category(activities/food and drinks/ shopping)   Situation 2:   Faye, David and their two kids Joaney and Gerard are in Dublin for a day. Can you think of things they can do outdoors? Ferry and Joaney are very creative, are there things they can do? Faye and Jerry really like the seaside, could you help them by naming 3 things they could do?  Situation 3:   Bianca and Kamil are two musicians/dancers and are only in Dublin for three and a half hours. From 11:45 until 14:15. In that time they want to go on a tour through Dublin and see thing that match their interests, could you help them?   Situation 4: JJ is a quirky person who loves doing and seeing things that most people don’t bother looking at. He is looking for some “ hidden gems” . Could you help him find some hidden gems, he would love to see at least two churches, two museums, wants to eat French food and would love to hear local Irish music. Could you help him?


Oefenen met skimmen/scannen en intensief lezen.

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