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Eduapp is an online and social platform that allows users to easily find, share and discover interesting educational apps and digital learning products. It strives to enable educators to do what they do best: teach and inspire!


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Stefan van der Weide

Teacher at Stad & Esch

"Complete, easy to use, with an attractive social layer. Finally a tool that allows everyone to discover educational apps and find out how to use them in and outside the classroom."


Community & expertise

Eduapp is an active community of educators with passion for sharing and advancing the transformational use of technology in education. They daily use Eduapp to find out how to use educational apps in and outside the classroom. Every app on Eduapp is rigorously reviewed based on our detailed rubric tags and curated and evaluated by our educational specialists, supported by the experts of the Eduapp community.

About us

Eduapp is a Dutch initiative from Richard Bergmans, Thijs de Vries and Marieke van Osch, a perfect blend of commerce, design and pedagogical expertise with a shared passion for innovation in education. It is our mission to create a new educational landscape based on educational apps.

If you would like to learn more about the Eduapp platform or discuss about the possibilities to localize our portal for your specific country or territory, feel free to contact us!

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